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I recorded a one-shot I ran of Hex Games' "Monstersploitation" game Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown and thought I'd share it with you.

WARNING: This Actual Play episode is explicit! (NSFW)

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Howdy, folks! I've recorded a message for you!

The Great Debate! WILL return.

In the mean time, here's my new podcast: Crucible of Realms. Feel free to check it out!

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The Great Debate! has reached 50 episodes!  To celebrate Jim takes the audience behind the scenes - or at least, that's the plan...


(I ended up thanking quite a few people at the end of this episode - here are links for them!)

Melissa Avery-Weir - irrsinn.net
Tim White - Return to Northmoor & WTFAWD
Gregory Avery-Weir - Ludus Novus
Ed Healy - Atomic Array
Dan Repperger - Fear the Boot
Rob & the guys from The Bear Swarm!
Anim5 - IDDFOS & The Gutter Skypes
John Bell - Bell's in the Batfry
Indiana Jim Perry - The Adventures of Indiana Jim
Jennifer Hudock - The Goblin Market
Starla Huchton - The Dreamer's Thread
Jeff Greiner - The Tome Show
A. David Pinilla - The Podgecast & RPGPodcasts.com
Kevin & Jen - The Walking Eye
The Encaffeinated ONE - The WEIRD Show
Mark Kinney - All Games Considered & The Gutter Skypes
Shaun & Kristen - This Modern Death & 10 Minutes of Me
Stu & the guys from Happy Jacks RPG Podcast
Eddy Webb - The White Wolf Blogcast
J.C. Hutchins - 7th Son
Katharina - Every Photo Tells

The book I mentioned in the outro is called Abduction Etiquette, and is now in pre-order - feel free to check it out!

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Is it better to use a pre-existing setting or one that's home-brewed?  Our resident demonologist and a lunk-headed superhero load up their intellectual artillery on the subject and fire it at one another.

Reverend Jedediah Black, Demonologist
Captain Radiant of the Integrity Force

Shoutout & Tarrasque Poetry:
Jeff Greiner - The Tome Show

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Is it a good idea for GMs to pregenerate PCs for their campaigns?  A clone and a college professor talk about it.

Solomon Eldridge, Professor of Anthropology at Miskatonic University
Bob 3, Troubleshooter Clone from the Great Biodome (voiced by Jeff Greiner)

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Which genre offers a better choice of playable creatures?  Fantasy or Science Fiction?  A spaceship pilot and a dwarven skyship engineer attempt to discuss the matter - hopefully without getting into a dogfight!

Major Hal Cross of the Interstellar Fleet (voiced by David Selby)
Soren Magnus, Chief Engineer of the Dwarven Skyship Flying Hammer

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A recording of myself running a quick game of ACTION CASTLE for some bored folks at Dragon*Con who were waiting for a panel to start.

Parsely Games
The Walking Eye

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Episode XLVI - Background Noise

How important is having a background story for your campaign?  A bounty hunter and a cleric sit down and chat amenably about the subject.

Father Vernon Corey, High Priest of the Temple of St. Wilford
Dr. Joseph "Doc" Anthrax

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Not Going to GenCon - 2010

I didn't get to go to GenCon and decided to record a chat about it!  I commiserated with three other folks (Kim, Jason and Kent) who also didn't get to go this year.  Fair warning: we rambled for about half an hour!

Jason's Blog Kim's Audio Projects

For full show notes, go here.

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Episode XLV - Getting a Transfer Slip

Is it a good idea to bring an old PC into a new game?  A cyber-hacker and a government agent delve into what it means to transfer your character.

Reflux (Live via the Neural Net)
Special Agent Jack McCandless

Intro by Katharina of the Every Photo Tells podcast.

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